Audits are an unfortunate necessity and something that we are especially proactive with. Whether you are commercial or industrial, your business and or building will, at some stage, require either self-motivated or governmental auditing. The Electrical Safety Office runs audits on both business and individuals to ensure that businesses are operating in an electrically safe way and meeting both safety legislative obligations.

The electrical safety laws are in place to prevent death and injury from electricity and to help prevent properties from being damaged or destroyed by electricity. When you consider compliance in this light, an audit becomes more of a necessity rather than an annoying problem.

Another benefit derived from a lighting audit is the possibility of fresh, qualified and experienced eyes noticing, observing and recommending energy saving and cost effective solutions. Not only will a lighting audit done by us keep you compliant, we can use the information to recommend and review your electrical system. An industrial building and facility can present such unique challenges, especially when it comes to providing sufficient industrial lighting for work areas that have large and varying mounting heights. The atmosphere in an industrial building may change constantly with air pollutants such as dust, moisture, fumes or oil vapours.


Industrial buildings are challenged by cost and efficiency and the choice of lighting is of paramount importance. We can help you make the right lighting decisions as a result of your lighting audit. High Bay lighting is a great option of mounting heights up to about 20metres high. Metal reflector lighting works best in some industrial setups or High Bay LED lighting applications. We will consider and advise on long life applications as well as energy efficiency. Factory and industrial lighting requires general lighting, which is standard lighting in the facility. But supplemental lighting is often required for workspaces and other specific areas. Emergency lighting, either battery or generator backup powered, must be available when your normal power supply is lost or interrupted.

Book an audit now and our qualified, knowledgeable team will offer you a quote based on our findings.