Time to install a complete office phone system that will ensure that you don’t miss out on a single client query or job. Production relies on a quality phone system, providing what is still one of your best forms of contact with your customers and suppliers. Sourcing the best phone system for your specific needs can be challenging. You may need a base model or you might need all those bells and whistles. An effective telecommunication strategy can give you a competitive advantage, improve your productivity and reduce your overall costs.

Once your telecommunication system has been chosen and installed by us, we can provide a maintenance and upgrade schedule to keep you up to date which will allow you to continue offering the best support to your customers. You can integrate voicemail, messaging services and advanced computer telephony. Features such as Direct Indial, individual phone extensions, paging systems are available to you. VOIP systems simply require a high-speed internet connection and IP phones: very cost effective and easy to use. You may require a system that is designed to connect your business line to workers on their cell phones which will allow them to remain both mobile and in contact with clients.

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If a customer has a bad experience with you, simply because your phone system is ineffective, their whole perception of the professionalism of your business will be negative. You don’t just lose one customer, you stand to lose many of their friends and colleagues as well.

Evaluate your phone system by testing. Call as a secret customer to see how easy or difficult it is to get assistance from your employees. If you discover that it doesn’t meet the standards you require it’s time to upgrade or replace your phone system.

Call us and make an appointment with us at our Noosa office and we will walk you through your needs and offer a telecommunication solution that will not only fit your business but grow with it, in a professional manner.