We all know how important outdoor lighting is. From a safety and security perspective, it is crucial. Good quality exterior lighting deters thieves and reduces the risk of injury. Installing flush lighting fixtures on your deck, patio, jetty or pier is perfect for both safety and security. You can turn your back yard into a stunning entertainment area by choosing and installing the right outdoor lighting. Welcome your visitors to your home with strategically placed path lights. Use feature lighting through your garden or walkway to spotlight or highlight certain areas of your garden or path. Use outdoor lighting to create features or to help create interesting shadows of contrast.

Here in Noosa and on the Sunshine Coast, it’s important to remember just how costal we are. We can advise you on the importance of marine grade lighting products and fixtures that are more resistant to our costal environment. We can install not only your lighting but also extra power points, safety switches and outlets. We can help you reach a decision on whether to turn to LED lighting, solar lighting, traditional lighting and discuss energy saving options with you as well.


We can advise on placement of outdoor lighting for paths, entries, driveways, steps, your deck or patio, gazebos and features. We can help you minimise the wattage, choose reflectors, control your lighting with dimmers, controls, timers or motion sensors. This in turn can be a positive impact on your energy saving.

Cabling, safety design features, networking of lights and remote control options are all points to consider. Timing controls can be great energy savers that you can set to turn your outdoor lighting system on at the precise time required and off when you dictate.