Electrical safety is not just a conscious decision, it’s a legislative requirement. If your home is older or you are renovating an old home, think safety switches. Your electrical wiring is old and you may also need to replace this as well. A safety switch can detect a loss of power from a circuit and cut the supply of electricity in 30 milliseconds. That’s a heartbeat away from serious injury or death.

Now please don’t think we are trying to scaremonger right here. But we know our electricity. We know the risks and the dangers and we want you around so that you can get into that future led lighting project. We want you to be around to enjoy the benefits of your new surround sound system and so we are telling you now… Electricity is dangerous and we’d like you to allow us to make your older home safe.

You’ve got a circuit breaker, but don’t confuse this with safety switches. A circuit breaker is designed to protect your appliances and electrical fittings. The safety switches are designed to protect your life by cutting the power to a faulty circuit. We like it when lives are protected.
Think about your pool, your hot water system, your power points, air-conditioners, lights, stove. Do they have safety switches? Are you protected? Are your children protected?


Safety switches can be mounted in your switchboard or they can be power point types, which can protect a specific part of your home. You can also have portable safety switches which is perfect if using an extension cord, especially outdoors. If you are a home handyman, a portable safety switch is essential.

If you are building a new home, you have the perfect opportunity to ensure that your home is made safe by the correct installation of safety switches. If you’re building or renovating in Noosa, call us. The Sunshine Coast and Hinterland are on our doorstep. Call us now to discuss safety switches. Let us use our expertise to help protect you and your home.