Telephone plugs and sockets, cables and accessories. Where to put them in a new home? How many do you need? What type do you need. Do you need ADSL filters and splitters, plugs, wall sockets, extension ringers, cords. How many and where in your home do you want them? Will you be working from home? Maybe you need more than you think? Will wiring have to be changed in your renovation dream, to provide the telephone outlets you wish to have?

You might want to replace an old phone outlet. Or your phone line might not be easily accessed where you need it to be. What suits your needs best? A phone jack that’s a flush plate, a wall mount or a baseboard jack. They come in different shapes and colours so you can choose something that works for your decor. If you want your Internet and phone line together, we might recommend a duplex jack.


If you’re adding a new telephone outlet, we must consider where the wiring should go. No-one wants wiring or cable running visibly across their room or lying in an unsafe manner where it might be tripped over. How much wiring will be required? Sharing the Internet with your offspring can slow your speed down. Installation of the correct cabling and outlets will work wonders. You may be considering installing a newer phone system or a VoIP system. We can not only advise you, we will install, cable, ensure you have the correct phone outlets and service. Call us at our Noosa base. We consult across the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland.