Your industrial business is your livelihood. Competition is often fierce and when there is a power outage, the last thing you want is to be dead in the water. Consider your backup strategy.

Backing up could save your industrial business! We all know how important it is to backup your computer and office systems, but is your business protected. In the event of a power outage, when the grid is down for whatever reason, having a backup generator that will offer temporary power during the emergency is an important strategy.

There are two types of generators: permanent and portable. Both have their pros and cons which we can advise you on in order to help you make an informed decision. Some things we recommend you think about are: what needs to be protected during an emergency? Does your entire operation need to continue running? The answer to these two questions will then bring about the next: What is the total wattage that will be needed for a backup generator to run your operational needs.

Downtime means lost revenue and the longer your business is down, the greater the loss. We can provide you with the knowledge and advice on choosing a backup generator. It might be that you sometimes work off site. That could mean that we would encourage you to consider a portable protection generator that can be moved to wherever you are operating from. Often lighting and climate control in the warehouse are a vital element. In the event of a power failure you cannot afford a costly business interruption.


We will consult and advise on, and install, the uninterruptible power supply unit that will protect your business and your bottom line when loss of grid power occurs. Being prepared will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

The size of your generator shall be determined by the needs of your business. A backup generator in industry is an essential business tool.