Time to rewire your Industrial Office? Bring it into the age of technology and wipe the floor with your competitors? Give us a call at our Noosa Office and let us offer you solutions that will improve your edge on your competitors, save you energy and streamline your office. If you are moving into a brand new industrial office, you have the perfect opportunity to consult with us and preplan your electrical wiring and cabling system so that it meets not only your current needs but that your business will also grow into.

Rewiring and installing new cabling systems make a safer, more energy efficient workplace. As we continue to implement bigger and better appliances and machinery to reduce the manual workload we put more and more pressure on the existing electrical wiring system and control devices. To be energy efficient you need a good wiring system. If your Industrial office is older, chances are it is not wired sufficiently to serve the electrical load you expect from it. We can check your existing wiring, service and or replace your circuit breakers and electrical fuses. Install more power points in appropriate areas, ensure that your power points are not only placed correctly but are also serviceable for your requirements.


Production in the office doesn’t just mean the work you do. Production relies on a quality phone system, providing what is still one of your best forms of contact with your customers and suppliers. We will walk you through finding the best phone system for your specific needs.

Consider your network cabling. Has it been pieced together as your business grew around you? A well designed network becomes a successful network. Let us help you design your networking to offer the best possible performance, resilience and scalability. Networks not only have to meet technical specifications they have to be cost effective in both design and implementation. We will consider what your network need now and what it will need in the future. Proper network cabling installation will improve your communication and increase your productivity.