In the industrial sector, three phase power is vital as it allows for greater electrical loads. Next is the design, layout and installation of your three phase power points.

Where and how to install your 3 phase power outlet, where to place your power points, what type of power points to use… all this and more are questions that need to be asked and answered.

Be it a three phase plug, outlet, switch, motor, socket, cable or generator, we can advise you, source the product and install it for you. Industrial and multiphase plugs and sockets offer a connection to the electrical mains at higher voltages and currents than normal domestic plugs and sockets. An industrial setups may require weatherproof covers, waterproof sleeves or might need to be interlocked with a switch to prevent accidental disconnection. Some hazardous workplaces require specific connectors.


Most plugs and sockets are set by international standards and most three phase power plugs have an earth connection. As we work with you we will be able to determine exactly what your needs are. Your three phase plug decisions may hinge specifically on what motors you are running within your industrial setup. Use our expertise and our knowledge for sourcing and installation. From Noosa to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, we will work with you and ensure that you achieve the best, most qualified results.

If you are looking forward into the future and wishing to protect your business, equipment and safety of your team, consider a three phase generator. There is a great range of 3 phase generators that are specifically designed and engineered especially for industrial, commercial and rental applications.